Size Chart

German Sizes35363737,5383939,5
English Sizes2,533,544,555,5
footlength in cm *23,123,524,024,424,825,325,7
German Sizes404141,5424343,544
English Sizes66,577,588,59
footlength in cm *26,126,527,027,427,828,228,7
German Sizes4545,5464747,54849
English Sizes9,51010,51111,51212,5
feetlength in cm *29,129,530,030,430,831,331,7
German Sizes49,55050,55151,5  
English Sizes1313,51414,515  
footlength in cm *32,132,532,933,334,0  
* Read now to measure correctly:
If the feet is in motion its size increased up to 10 mm!
The shoe should have enough space so that the toes don't collide if the feet is in full motion!
To find out the right size for you, add 10-15 mm to your usual footlength !
The Jaco Canadian Sizing Chart
Canadian Sizes55,566,577,58
German Sizes36,5373838,5394040,5
Canadian Sizes 8,599,51010,51111,5
German Sizes414242,5434444,545
Canadian Sizes1213
German Sizes4647


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Size chart

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Low shoe, lace-up, summer shoe, work shoe, unlined, perforated, perforated, natural zero position


Jacoform model 360 – the ideal companion for the summer!

Experience the unbeatable comfort and timeless elegance of the 360 model, which impresses with its unmistakable moccasin design and perforated upper leather. This shoe is not only a real eye-catcher, but also the perfect partner for long summer days.

A unique design

The 360 model is characterized by its classic moccasin design. Moccasins have always been known for their simple yet elegant look, characterized by soft, flexible materials and a seam around the toe cap. This design not only makes the shoe visually appealing, but also extremely comfortable and flexible, making it ideal for everyday use.

High-quality materials

The quality of the materials is crucial for the comfort and durability of a shoe. The Jacoform 360 is made of high-quality cowhide, which is not only robust and durable, but also creates a pleasant foot climate. Leather is known for its breathability and its ability to mold to the foot, making it more comfortable over time.

The inner material of the shoe is also made of leather. This not only ensures additional comfort, but also an optimal foot climate, as leather naturally absorbs and wicks away moisture. This keeps your feet pleasantly dry even on hot days.

Perforated upper leather for optimum ventilation

A special feature of the 360 model is the perforated upper leather. The fine holes in the leather ensure excellent ventilation and allow air to circulate, which makes them particularly comfortable to wear on warm summer days. This minimizes perspiration and unpleasant odours and keeps your feet fresh all day long.

Robust and flexible sole

The sole of the 360 model is made of PU (polyurethane), a material known for its excellent cushioning and durability. PU soles are lightweight and flexible, but still provide the stability and support you need throughout the day. They are also resistant to abrasion and ensure that the shoe lasts a long time even when worn regularly.

Individual fit and wearing comfort

The 4-hole lacing of the Jacoform 360 allows the shoe to be individually adjusted to your foot. This lacing allows you to adjust the width of the shoe precisely so that it fits perfectly and offers you the support you need. This is particularly important for long days when you have to walk or stand a lot.

Another major advantage of the 360 model is its natural zero position. This special design optimally supports your foot position and promotes a healthy posture. This reduces the pressure on your feet and joints, resulting in a more comfortable walking experience and less fatigue. Whether you are on your feet all day or have to cover long distances, the Jacoform 360 offers maximum comfort throughout.

Versatile in use

The Jacoform 360 is an extremely versatile shoe that is suitable for many occasions. Its elegant design makes it an excellent choice for everyday office wear or formal occasions, while its high level of comfort and robust construction also make it an ideal companion for leisure activities. Combine it with casual jeans for a relaxed look or wear it with smart chinos for a stylish appearance.