Sizing chart

German sizes22232425262728
English sizes
Foot length in cm *14,114,815,416,116,817,418,0


German sizes29303132333435
English sizes
Foot length in cm *18,719,420,120,721,322,022,7


German sizes35363737,5383939,5
English sizes2,533,544,555,5
Foot length in cm *23,123,524,024,424,825,325,7


German sizes404141,5424343,544
English sizes66,577,588,59
Foot length in cm *26,126,527,027,427,828,228,7


German sizes4545,5464747,54849
English sizes9,51010,51111,51212,5
Foot length in cm *29,129,530,030,430,831,331,7


German sizes49,55050,55151,5
English sizes1313,51414,515
Fußlänge in cm * 32,132,532,933,334,0


* So measure correctly:

Due to the rolling movement when walking, the foot is extended by up to 10 mm!
The shoe must therefore offer sufficient space to the front so that the toes are not crushed when unrolling.
To determine the correct shoe size, add 10-15 mm forward to the toe cap to your individual foot length.

The Jaco Canadian size chart


Canadian sizes55,566,577,58
German sizes36,5373838,5394040,5


Canadian sizes8,599,51010,51111,5
German sizes414242,5434444,545


Canadian sizes1213
German sizes4647