Healthy shoes: Comfort at its best

It’s the posture that counts:

The red drawing shows the posture in high heel shoes compared to the healthy shoe from Jacoform with natural zero position of the blue drawing. In JACOFORM shoes the spine forms a vertical line from the head to the centre of gravity: skeleton and muscles are as relaxed as when walking barefoot. That is why all shoes from Jacoform are fabulously comfortable. In the red framed X-ray image you can see the foot in a conventional shoe: the foot bones are compressed and deformed. Postural problems, tiredness and painful feet are the inevitable result. Pain in the back, shoulders and even in the head is also preprogrammed.

The blue bordered foot stands in a JACOFORM shoe: in an exemplary and completely natural way, the toe bones spread out and thus ensure the optimal distribution of the body weight on the foot. The skeleton is relieved, the musculature is relaxed.

Are you looking for healthy shoes? Then you are definitely right at Jacoform!