The comfortable shoe: advantages at a glance

The comfortable shoe from Jacoform offers you many advantages of which you can get an overview:

  1. CFC-free special sole:
    flexible, waterproof, extremely abrasion-resistant and particularly durable.
  2. Shoe bumpers:
    The elasticity of the sole cushions every step.
  3. Natural zero setting:
    The sole is equally strong in the toe area and at the heel. The zero position of the foot makes walking in Jacoform shoes as healthy as walking barefoot.
  4. Comfort:
    Lined and padded tongue; no feeling of pressure, but secure hold.
  5. Footbed:
    The ventilating natural felt layer guarantees the precisely fitting individual shaping and provides for pleasant “climate compensation”.
  6. Real moccasin:
    With the real moccasin, the upper leather does not stop at the sole, but surrounds the foot all around.

The comfortable shoe will make your everyday life easier. See for yourself!