Jaco Canadian

Why you walk more naturally in Jaco Canadian. And feel that too.

The heel recess. To understand the idea of the Jaco Canadians, you have to look at the shoe from the side. You will notice a gentle flattening at the back. Because your heel is the lowest part of your foot, in Jaco Canadians it is also the lowest part of the shoe. You will stand upright again, as all muscles in the calf, thigh and back will be revitalized and thus support your standing and walking more.

Supported longitudinal vaulting. Now consider the natural curvature of the sole of your foot, the longitudinal arch. If you have to spend a lot of time on hard flat ground, your body weight will cause the unsupported curvature to subside and slowly lose its shape. They get a so-called flat foot. To prevent this, Jaco Canadians is equipped with a comfortable, anatomically correct longitudinal arch support.

The swing sole. In the front, each sole of the Jaco Canadians is bent like a rocking chair. Why? In normal walking, your entire weight rests first on the heel, then shifts diagonally over the outer edge of the foot to the big toe, with which you then push off to the next step. Our swing sole supports this weight shift and your forward movement with a catapult effect, making every step less tiring.

Finest leather. Jaco Canadian are made from the best European cowhide and are therefore lined with particularly soft and supple calfskin.

Real craftsmanship. All in all, Jaco Canadians give you back the natural feeling when walking and standing on unnaturally hard floors and city pavements. Jaco Canadians are designed exclusively in Germany and manufactured in Tunisia. Jaco Canadians are designed exclusively in Germany and manufactured in Tunisia, and the heart of our production is the conviction that the best quality shoes can still be made by hand. And what we feel in making each Jaco Canadian has a lot to do with the feeling you will have when you wear our Jaco Canadians.


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