Aspects for a Jacoform shoe purchase

You search:

  • Comfortable shoes
    • Natural zero position of the foot – healthy walking comfort
    • Enormous toe freedom thanks to foot-friendly moccasin shape
    • Own, individual footbed thanks to ventilating felt layer
  • High quality shoes
    • Best leather – strong and robust but still cuddly
    • Extremely strong seams
    • Patented PU foam sole – flexible, light and abrasion resistant
    • solid craftsmanship

You don’t search:

  • Uncomfortable shoes
  • Fashionably stylish shoes
  • Industrially manufactured 0815 shoes
  • Inferior materials such as artificial leather or synthetics

So if the look is second or third class for you, you don’t care what other people say about your shoes and you are looking for comfortable and high-quality shoes, then just buy JACOFORM shoes!

Because with Jacoform shoes, it is exclusively your foot that determines the shape and not the fashion!