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PepUp Shoedeo-11€/100ml

Winter-Wax 9€/100g

Leathercare Wachs 7,50€/100g

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Our new natural care range from the PepUp brand. For conscious and sustainable shoe care.


-Leather care with organic marigold oil [100 g]

Pep * Up is a purely natural product with plant extracts and resins, which is refined by the oil of the marigold. Pep * Up cleans, nourishes and impregnates smooth, natural and artificial leather in all colors. Pep * Up is free from animal

-Winter Wax with organic mountain pine oil [100 g]

Pep * Up Winter-Wax is an extra strong impregnation for icy and wet days and prevents the edges of snow and salt. Organic certified carnauba wax and organic mountain pine oil protect smooth, natural and artificial leather in all colors. Pep * Up Winter-Wax is free from animal fats, alcohol and synthetic additives. Pep * Up Winter-Wax is a purely natural product and dermatologically certified. Apply a thin layer of Pep * Up to the leather with a cloth, sponge or by hand and massage in. Can be used as a skin, hand and foot cream.

-Deospray Citrus Fresh with organic orange oil [100 ml]

Pep * Up Citrus Fresh refreshes body, feet and shoes! The contained frankincense oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, organic orange oil helps to promote bleeding, organic lemon oil is antibacterial. Pep * Up is invigorating and provides a fresh scent for many hours. Pep * Up is also effective for tired legs and calves. Citrus scents boost the immune system and tighten the skin.