Size Chart

German Sizes35363737,5383939,5
English Sizes2,533,544,555,5
footlength in cm *23,123,524,024,424,825,325,7
German Sizes404141,5424343,544
English Sizes66,577,588,59
footlength in cm *26,126,527,027,427,828,228,7
German Sizes4545,5464747,54849
English Sizes9,51010,51111,51212,5
feetlength in cm *29,129,530,030,430,831,331,7
German Sizes49,55050,55151,5  
English Sizes1313,51414,515  
footlength in cm *32,132,532,933,334,0  
* Read now to measure correctly:
If the feet is in motion its size increased up to 10 mm!
The shoe should have enough space so that the toes don't collide if the feet is in full motion!
To find out the right size for you, add 10-15 mm to your usual footlength !
The Jaco Canadian Sizing Chart
Canadian Sizes55,566,577,58
German Sizes36,5373838,5394040,5
Canadian Sizes 8,599,51010,51111,5
German Sizes414242,5434444,545
Canadian Sizes1213
German Sizes4647


model 338 – The super soft low shoe in elk leather Original price was: 189,90 €.Current price is: 169,90 €.

Size chart

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Delivery time: 1-3 working days (for the payment method prepayment from the day after the customer’s payment order; for other payment methods from the day after conclusion of the contract)

low shoe, laces, elk leather, completely leather lined, natural zero position

braun elch

A real highlight from Jacoform is model 338 made of the rare and butter-soft elk leather. The coarse grain is the special feature of elk leather. Added to this is the top equipment of model 338, with the complete leather lining and the padded leather cover sole. The wide lasts provide plenty of toe room and the natural zero position relieves your back and joints.

– low shoe

– 4 hole lacing

– completely leather lined

– Upper material: Elk leather

– Inner material: leather

– Cover sole: leather

– Sole: PU ( polyurethane )

The Jacoform Model 338 Elk Leather has a strikingly structured surface due to the coarse grain, which is a special feature of elk leather.
Elk leather is very soft and cuddly. These shoes, which can be worn as ladies’ and men’s shoes, are ideal for people with sensitive feet.

The shoe geometry offers plenty of toe room and with the natural zero position this low shoe relieves your back and joints.
As diabetic shoes and for people with similar foot problems, our model 338 Elk Leather is a health shoe that does not give the impression of existing foot problems.

Choose the aesthetics of these cuddly elk leather shoes when your sensitive feet demand the highest level of comfort.