Size Chart

German Sizes22232425262728
English Sizes-------
feetlength in cm *14,114,815,416,116,817,418,0
German Sizes29303132333435
English Sizes-------
feetlength in cm *18,719,420,120,721,322,022,7
German Sizes35363737383939
English Sizes2,533,544,555,5
footlength in cm *23,123,524,024,424,825,325,7
German Sizes40414142434344
English Sizes66,577,588,59
footlength in cm *26,126,527,027,427,828,228,7
German Sizes45454647474849
English Sizes9,51010,51111,51212,5
feetlength in cm *29,129,530,030,430,831,331,7
German Sizes4950505151  
English Sizes1313,51414,515  
footlength in cm *32,132,532,933,334,0  
* Read now to measure correctly:
If the feet is in motion its size increased up to 10 mm!
The shoe should have enough space so that the toes don't collide if the feet is in full motion!
To find out the right size for you, add 10-15 mm to your usual footlength !
The Jaco Canadian Sizing Chart
Canadian Sizes55,566,577,58
German Sizes36,5373838,5394040,5
Canadian Sizes 8,599,51010,51111,5
German Sizes414242,5434444,545
Canadian Sizes1213
German Sizes4647


model 2287 – The trekking boot151,18  113,45 

Size chart

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Boots, laces, completely leather lined, Jaco Tex, waterproof, replaceable footbed, suitable for insoles, profiled sole, hook eyes, outdoor shoes

order 1/2 number larger

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Robust, waterproof and breathable, the 2287 boot from the Jaco Trekline series. The Jaco Tex membrane makes this boot windproof, waterproof and breathable. This boot is made of robust grey suede with a cowhide lining. The boot has extensive features such as the replaceable footbed, the padding of the upper and the hook eyes.

– boots

– 6 hole lacing

– Jaco Tex lined ( waterproof )

– Upper material: suede

– Inner material: leather

– replaceable insole: light cork footbed with underlaid foam rubber

– Sole: PU (polyurethane) with anti-slip rubber inlay

– order 1/2 number larger

The boot model 2287 from the Jaco Trekline series is a men’s shoe, or rather a men’s shoe, designed for the tougher demands.
The sole offers a non-slip grip on outdoor trips off the beaten track and the Jaco Tex membrane keeps your feet comfortably dry even in adverse weather conditions.
The replaceable insole, a lightweight cork footbed with foam rubber underneath, provides cushioning comfort and helps the shoes air out at the end of the day tour.
Of course the 2287 boot also cuts a good figure in the urban jungle, but a touch of adventure comes up when you challenge these men’s shoes off-road.
Give your feet the comfort they deserve so that you can reach your destination in the wilderness relaxed.