Size Chart

German Sizes22232425262728
English Sizes-------
feetlength in cm *14,114,815,416,116,817,418,0
German Sizes29303132333435
English Sizes-------
feetlength in cm *18,719,420,120,721,322,022,7
German Sizes35363737383939
English Sizes2,533,544,555,5
footlength in cm *23,123,524,024,424,825,325,7
German Sizes40414142434344
English Sizes66,577,588,59
footlength in cm *26,126,527,027,427,828,228,7
German Sizes45454647474849
English Sizes9,51010,51111,51212,5
feetlength in cm *29,129,530,030,430,831,331,7
German Sizes4950505151  
English Sizes1313,51414,515  
footlength in cm *32,132,532,933,334,0  
* Read now to measure correctly:
If the feet is in motion its size increased up to 10 mm!
The shoe should have enough space so that the toes don't collide if the feet is in full motion!
To find out the right size for you, add 10-15 mm to your usual footlength !
The Jaco Canadian Sizing Chart
Canadian Sizes55,566,577,58
German Sizes36,5373838,5394040,5
Canadian Sizes 8,599,51010,51111,5
German Sizes414242,5434444,545
Canadian Sizes1213
German Sizes4647


model 1236 – The trekking shoe142,77  108,40 

Size chart

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Low shoe, laces, 3/4 leather lined, suitable for insoles, replaceable footbed, profiled sole, blasting, outdoor shoes,

order 1/2 number larger

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This lace-up shoe from the Jaco Trekline series is classic and comfortable. The upper material made of brown leather and the lining made of high-quality cowhide let this shoe appear in a strong look. The soft PU sole (polyurethane) and the replaceable insole provide pleasant cushioning.

– low shoe

– 4 hole lacing

– 3/4 leather lined

– Upper material: leather

– Inner material: leather

– replaceable insole: light cork footbed with underlaid foam rubber

– Sole: PU (polyurethane) with anti-slip rubber inlay

– order 1/2 number larger

With the model 1236 from the Jaco Trekline, whose size selection ranges from women’s shoes to men’s shoes, you will have a real endurance runner.
Ultra comfortable, due to the combination of the soft PU sole and the light cork footbed with foam rubber underneath, this shoe model is recommended for running long distances.

If you arrive relaxed with a satisfied smile on your face after overcoming the distance, others may have screamed with happiness and later with pain when buying shoes.

Treat your feet to a comfortable experience, because you increase your well-being and actively protect your health with this Trekline model.